*Hevnawe provides knowledge-building speaking events which are geared towards improving one’s personal and professional life.

Lecture Titles:

The Utilization of Sumerian, Kemetic, Ayurvedic and Oriental Medicine

The Connection between the Media and the Paranormal Worlds

Shamanistic Bloodline and the Order of Cosmic Intelligence

The Initiatory Pathway of the Palero, Santero, and Abakua’

Capturing and Controlling Lucifer and The Fallen Angels

Understanding Psychic Development & Consultations

Unlocking the Christ-Mind and The Scrolls of Destiny

Shamanistic Bloodline and The Order of Death

Metaphysical Science & Modern Application

Clinical Science & Disease Management

Beta Israelites and the Original Kabbalah

Iridology and Naturopathic Science

Weight Management & Addictions

IFA and its Million Year Legacy

Majikel Spiritual Warfare

Herb & Drug Interactions

Astral Travel and Dreams

Biochemical Time Travel

Hypertension & Diabetes

Cosmology of Sexuality

Demonic Possession

Astrological Studies

Vessel Activation

Medical Intuition

Cancer and HIV

Women’s Health

I Am Metatron




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